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Vukovarska 65 Split Chorwacja

tel: +385 91 4727490

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Vesna Režić Dereani [email protected] +385 91 4727490

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Healthy City (Zdravi grad) is an NGO whose primary goal is promoting and realization practice of healthy urban life at national and international level, psycho-social prevention and social innovations. We have experience in EU projects conducting, in the fields of social policies, social and eco-entreprenneurship, education, primary prevention, healthy lifestyles, where we have promoted participatory practices and pluralism. A segment of the organization is dedicated to organization of education, workshops, conferences and seminars and publishing of books for children and adults in different fields of social life.

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Komponent 2.3. Projekty społeczeństwa obywatelskiego

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Projects tackles following issues: education, healthy lifestyle, nutrition, obesity, children, parents, awareness. SUMMARY This project would raise the awareness of increasing of children obesity. Due to wide availability of fast food and relatively undeveloped system of organized healthy nutrition for youths and children in schools and faculties, association Healthy city would like to find partners in countries where sustainable solution of this problem are available, and where innovative measures for prevention of children obesity can be seen. Healthy lifestyles will be promoted through events in different partner countries. Central event in Croatia (City of Split) will be preparation of healthy Mediterranean meal in public space with expected >300 participants, followed by awareness raising activities on healthy food importance for children. Workshops, lectures and round- tables on healthy food, for children and parents, will be organized as well as other events promoting healthy lifestyles (walking tour etc.). Organized discussions of citizens and professionals, on sustainable solutions and future perspectives for children obesity prevention are expected to be performed, in all partner`s countries. It would result with policy recommendations for prevention of children obesity, as well as with recommendations on the role of civil society organisations in this prevention. PARTNERSHIP PROPOSAL For the purpose of applying to the Europe for Citizens program we would like to introduce a model by which the partner organizations of each participating country will produce one event which include project conference with lectures of professionals from the field of children nutrition and study visit for participants from other countries (examples of good practice in prevention of children obesity). A maximum of 3 countries can participate, one more developed and one less developed than Croatia, to reach the goal of promoting of equal opportunities for children from countries with less GDP. Additional countries can participate by organizing workshops, lectures or by providing other kinds of support. The project has the duration of 18 months and will start in September 2017. Healthy city provides the know how, coordination and general support to partner organizations. THEME AND APPROACH The shared theme of all events is “Healthy lifestyle promotion in prevention of children obesity”. As a basic approach we rely on the legislative framework and strategies, i.e. the documents issued by the EU. Situation in each country regarding this problem will be studied and discussed, resulting with policy recommendations for each country through exchanging of experiences and knowledge. LECTURES AND WORKSHOPS Lectures on the specific subjects will be organized in each country and will provide the basic knowledge of EU and national policies and general context needed for the citizens to approach the theme of children obesity. Proposals from partners for workshops, lectures, thematic study visits on good practice examples in promotion of healthy lifestyles and prevention of children obesity, are welcome. EUROPEAN DIMENSION The theme itself provides the basis for a study of differences and similarities in Europe, and rights of children in each part of Europe to equal opportunities, with the aim of promotion of common European identity. European identity implies convergence and cohesion of policies and daily lifestyle. Debates on the European future regarding policies in children opportunities will be conducted, with participation of citizens- parents, children and youths. The goal of the project is to raise social awareness and support exchanging good practices in promoting of healthy lifestyle.. Transnational cooperation will be actualized through the mutual hosting of citizens and lecturers, organization of round tables on the topic of understanding and devising strategies to implement EU policies as well as sharing knowledge and data through a dedicated web site. For any questions, details and explanations feel free to contact us. We speak English, Croatian and Slovenian language.

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