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Guillem de Castro, 46 – 1r 46001 València València Hiszpania

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Yolanda Nicolau [email protected] +34 963914668

Informacja o organizacji

The Valencian Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FVMP) is a non-profit association with its own legal personality, composed of 539 City Councils, 27 Municipal Associations, 6 Minor Local Entities and the County Councils of Valencia, Castellón and Alicante. Their geographical scope is Comunitat Valenciana, region located in southeastern Spain. The main activities of FVMP are: the representation, defence and promotion of Local Entities interests in front of politic, legal and administrative authorities; the development and consolidation of European spirit in local scope; the promotion and accomplishment of studies for the best knowledge of the problems in local life; the promotion and execution of training programmes on local subjects; the promotion of activities that contribute to economic local development and to employment creation, as well as the conservation and protection of environment.

Komponent/działanie, którego partnerstwo dotyczy

Komponent 2.2. Sieci miast

Zakres tematyczny projektu

Dialog międzykulturowy

Ramy czasowe projektu

01-01-2016 – 30-06-2017

Rola partnera w projekcie


Opis projektu

Recovery and Valorization of European Historical Memory The FVMP has launched a Network of Valencia Region Municipalities for the Valorization of Historical Memory. The main objective of this network is to create a regional forum to debate, analyse, exchange experiences and consult about the municipal initiatives to recover the historical memory and their valorization. Other activities of the network are: inventory of heritage elements of historical memory, valorization of heritage elements, protection and recognition of victims, identification of financial support for dissemination and events, and recommendations to the municipalities. By now, this network is composed of 70 municipalities of Comunitat Valenciana, and also of the Valencia Regional Government, the Valencian Culture Council and the Association for the Recovery of Historical Memory. The idea of project is to promote a European Network for the valorization of historical memory where the municipalities can raise their initiatives and exchange good practices. For doing this, the Valencian Network will seek the collaboration of municipalities or associations of municipalities in other European regions, through mainly their local authorities, and also their regional authorities and other associations working for the recovery and valorization of historical memory.

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