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Dane kontaktowe

Trg Svetog Trojstva 14 42230 Ludbreg
tel: +385 42 420 200

fax: +385 42 420 206


Osoba kontaktowa

Petra Međimurec [email protected] +385 42 420 208

Informacja o organizacji

Ludbreg is a local government that aims to improve the economical, social, cultural development in all areas and it is a efficiently organized public institution. Through our work and inclusion we try to give a significant contribution and impact on sustainable development, development of innovative ideas, economical, social and cultural growth, strengthening excluded social groups, their employability and strengthening civil society in our area. With cultural, historical and economical events we want to establish a network of cities between different organizations to share experiences and best practices, develop sustainable cooperation and strengthen our capacities through the development of diversified network of formal and informal stakeholders. The network of cities that we plan to organize will be secured through a common link and a historical theme; The Batthyany family in the European region. The cooperation will be based on shared interests, values, history and culture; historical segments that can be implemented in a way that they strengthen our community, civil society and citizens in the present. The network that we plan to organize will be supported by our local communities, civil societies and us as a public administration. We hope that our future partners will act in a similar way, especially in this project. We have many years of experience in organizing and implementing various events in collaboration with different countries, partners and organizations.

Komponent/działanie, którego partnerstwo dotyczy

Komponent 2.1. Partnerstwo miast

Zakres tematyczny projektu

Współpraca miast

Ramy czasowe projektu

01-01-2016 – 01-02-2016

Rola partnera w projekcie


Opis projektu

Władze położonego w północno-wschodniej Chorwacji miasta Ludbreg w swoich działaniach szczególny nacisk kładą na rozwój ekonomiczny, społeczny i kulturalny. W planach mają realizację długofalowego projektu międzynarodowego, którego pierwszym etapem będzie Partnerstwo miast w ramach programu „Europa dla obywateli”. Dla pomysłodawców działania kluczowym kryterium doboru partnerów jest wspólne lub podobne dziedzictwo historyczne i kulturowe. Właśnie tych tematów będzie dotyczył proponowany projekt.

Komentarz aplikującego

We are looking for partners from Hungary, Austria and others countries that have a connection with the Batthyany family in any way. Stakeholder will receive the full program and project activities after the process of selecting partners and determining roles, obligations and responsibilities. The partner will receive documents such as Time table, indicative budget, Activity plan… This is a project that has a longterm dimension and it consists of 2 or 3 phases. The primary phase is Town Twinnig in terms of connectivity and networking between cities and municipalities which have the some or similar historical background. Project activities in the primary phase: 1. Meetings of representatives of relevant institutions 2. Cooperation agreement 3. Determination of the course of future cooperation 4. Creating a program with future plans of joint activities The second phase is Networks of Towns; a project that will consist of activites listed below. The third phase and other terms will be negotiated between partners. The project in the second phase will interconnect countries, where the Batthyany family left their mark, influence, historical heritage and other relevant infrastructure, documents, works of art, etc. Basicly, we will focus on all segments that can be used as a source point for present cooperation. With this historical background, we want to exchange good practices on acquiring EU grants in the field of tourism, culture and historical heritage, implement „good governance” and strengthen civil society organizations. The main aim is mutual learning and social strenghtening. Project activities in the second phase: 1. Research and data collection, Presentation of collected data and common themes, Finding new innovative ways of presenting and reaching out to the general public 2. Organization of events ( Round tables, Presentations, Exchange of ideas and good practices, Workshops, Festivals, Outdoor Schools for youngsters... ) which will lead to forming an international initiative and a multicultural society 3. Establishing a international Network of knowledge ( product of all the Round tables and workshops with a major emphasis on structural and sustainable development in the area of tourism, culture, history, social action, good governance, absorption of grant and creating partnerships between different stakeholders) Each Town, organization and civil society will present their culture, music, dances, customs, habits, clothing, cuisine, language... whose development was the product of Batthyany family activity and present the similarities that we all share from the same historical source. Project activities will take place in partner countries and in Croatia. Role of the partner organization in the project: • Helping in providing the involvement of the participating organizations, nongovernmental organizations, associations, civil society • Helping in informing local, national and electronic media representatives in each country, establishing and maintaining communication channels • Encouraging the general public to join the project on a voluntary basis • Translating texts, Press Releases, Reference books, Publications... • Helping in organizing Round tables, Presentations and Workshops • Helping in organizing cultural events (music, traditional dances, customs, habits, customs, costumes, cuisine, arts and crafts ) Please send your application to us with your PIC nm., basic information about the institution, organization, so we can fill out the application on time, ie. 1 September 2015.

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