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The municipality of Oeiras

Dane kontaktowe:

Rua do Coro de Santo Amaro de Oeiras, 4º A
2780-379 Oeiras, Portugalia
Tel: +351 214 408 546

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Luís Miguel António
+351 910 035 803


Informacje o organizacji:

The municipality of Oeiras occupies an area of approximately 46 km², on the north bank of the Tagus River, and is part of the Lisbon Metropolitan Area. It has a resident population of about 175,224 inhabitants and is the 5th most densely populated municipality in Portugal. Geographically, its territory is somewhat rugged, and the highlights of the landscape are the valleys created by streams and the higher areas, such as the Serra de Carnaxide mountain. It is part of the Estoril Coast, benefiting from a temperate maritime climate, suitable for outdoor activities and the enjoyment of its appealing gardens, parks and beaches. Overall, it is considered a municipality that offers a high quality of life. Its privileged position, close to the capital, has led to growing development and urban growth, mainly due to the settlement of companies in the municipality. As such, Oeiras is an autonomous economic hub: it is one of the most developed and richest municipalities in the Iberian Peninsula and even in Europe. With the highest per capita income in Portugal, it is also the 2nd municipality with the highest purchasing power. Economic level is directly related to education, and this link shows that Oeiras is the Portuguese municipality with the highest density of college-educated residents and the lowest rate of unschooled inhabitants. Many multinationals and about 30% of the country's scientific capabilities are located in its territory, and it is one of Europe’s main R&D centres. It is now a destination of excellence for investments that create added value for the region.

Komponent/działanie, którego partnerstwo dotyczy:

Komponent 2.2. Sieci miast

Rola partnera:

We invite international partners to participate in our conferences like also to organize event in their hometown country, to exchange ideas.

Opis projektu:

The Municipality of Oeiras is going to apply for the Capital of Poetry. Parque dos Poetas “poetry park” and Templo da Poesia “poetry temple”, both located in Oeiras, express and celebrate this form of art. We believe poetry can play an important role in a country's history. The Municipality of Oeiras intends to submit an application to “Europe for Citizens” Programme , Specific priorities for "Democratic engagement and civic participation" (Strand 2) - Networks of towns Title of the Project: WAVE – We Are the Voice of Europe Subtitle: Poetry as a channel for civic and democratic engagement The Municipality of Oeiras intends to promote 6 events (2 in Oeiras and 1 in each of the 4 partner municipalities) within the subject. General aim: - Give Voice to citizens, through poetry such as: Essay on Freedom and Diversity; disruption for creative processes; cultural identity reflection; fight for the Rights and Freedom; bearer of messages for the future Specific goals: - Fostering curiosity about European construction, through research and knowledge sharing; - Establishing a relationship between poetry and social, political and cultural life of the cities in the network environment; - Associate poems with specific/critical historical moments and events of each country of the network; - Recognize poetry as a reflection of National Identity, valuing it as a form of expression; - Share national and decisive historical moments in our democracy with the countries in the network environment; - Raising awareness of democratic values and citizens role in civic participation; - Identify symbols of democracy from every countries involved. Timetable of the project: from 1 st March 2021 to 1st March 2023


Collaboration Opportunity- we looking for partners in open call 2020 of Town-Twinning and Networks of Town.

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