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Stjepana Radića 4 31 000 Osijek, Osijek-Baranja County Chorwacja

Osoba kontaktowa

Matea Rešetar [email protected]

Informacja o organizacji

Regional Development Agency of Slavonia and Baranja is non-profit ltd founded by local and regional authorities – City of Osijek and Osijek-Baranja County with an aim of fostering development and providing assistance to its founders in the area of EU funding opportunities. Vision of the Agency is to be the link between public, scientific, private and civil sector in building up of strategic partnership in application and implementation of projects that contribute to rising of life standard on the territory of Slavonia and Baranja. The Agency is also certified development coordinator” for Osijek-Baranja County (certified by Croatian Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds) providing assistance to more than 40 cities and municipalities of the territory. Agency has a lot of experience in organizing international events, workshops, educations, seminars, etc. and has used those events to create cross-border and transnational networks for future cooperation. Staff team is composed of variety of experts with long term experience in conceiving and successfully implementing, among others, projects related to sustainable development. RDA conducted 39 projects funded through different EU programmes and funds as a leader or partner. The projects were mostly dealing with activities in the business sector (SMEs, crafts, family farming), tourism sector, sustainable development, energy efficiency and renewables’, social inclusion and promotion of employment and sustainable jobs. Some of the relevant programmes are: EFRD, ESF, IPA CBC Hungary-Crotia, IPA CBC Croatia-Serbia, Interreg Adriatico, IPA MED, IPARD, IPA Info, Erasmus +, etc. Among this, Regional Development Agency of Slavonia and Baranja has previous experience in applying for Europe for Citizens, twice, as a partner for the programme funding. First time, unfortunately, the proposal failed. In second round, when RDA was technical support to the Erdut municipality in project submission, which was considered as appropriate partner, the proposal passed, and the implementation of that project started in October last year with main event to be organized in October, this year.

Komponent/działanie, którego partnerstwo dotyczy

Komponent 2.2. Sieci miast

Zakres tematyczny projektu

Dialog międzykulturowy

Ramy czasowe projektu

01-01-2016 – 30-06-2016

Rola partnera w projekcie


Opis projektu

Agencja Rozwoju Regionalnego Sławonii i Baranji poszukuje partnerów do projektu sieci miast, zaplanowanego na okres od 1 stycznia do 30 czerwca 2016. Chorwacka organizacja pozarządowa reprezentująca władze lokalne i regionalne – Miasto Osijek i Region Osijek-Baranja, wspiera samorządy w pozyskiwaniu dotacji ze środków europejskich oraz tworzenie partnerstw pomiędzy samorządami a sektorem małych i średnich przedsiębiorstw. Tym razem pracuje nad projektem dotyczącym angażowania obywateli w kwestie związane z efektywnym wykorzystaniem energii i jej odnawialnych źródeł, redukcji CO₂, ochrony środowiska naturalnego. Organizacja chętnie włączy się we wszelkie działania związane z tworzeniem europejskich sieci współpracy samorządów, NGO i przedsiębiorstw.

Komentarz aplikującego

We would like to participate in the projects related to one of the priority axis for 2015, and which is debating on the future of Europe. Since that the European Union places the great emphasis on energy efficiency, CO2 reduction, renewable energy sources, and also the environmental protection we consider that is necessary to better introduce wider citizenship, among others, to the European policies. Through the project we would like to get into discuss citizens, associations, SMEs, local & regional authorities, and others from different cities. We want to create a network which will be designed for debating on the future of Europe through the live panels, round tables, workshops, etc. We would like to involve more diverse institutions from different cities to the collaboration framework in order to achieve the main objectives of EU in the case of energy. We would like to better introduce all citizens about energy policies, and also find out more about their needs, needs of the SMEs, what they can do to make the EU a better place for live, etc. In this way we can contribute to a better understanding of European policies in the field of energy efficiency and environment protection, we can encourage European citizenship, improve partnership between cities and improve democratic participation at the level of the European Union. Also, there are many new policies on the EU level that will affect us all such as Energy Union, new objectives for Europe 2030, etc. Is the Energy Union going to ensure that Europe has secure, affordable and climate-friendly energy? What we all can do to create new jobs and improve growth in Energy Union? We want to gather citizens, and encourage them to discuss about these questions, and what are their opinion on all of this – are this objectives maybe too ambitious or we could achieve them through the longterm joint cooperation? For achieving a sustainable growth we must cooperate, create networks, we all need to be a ‘turbine’ of changes, and with this kind of project we may influence on policy makers. We are looking for partners who are interested in this topic, or have any further idea on this. Regional Development Agency is open to join a partnership, as Partner, with Associations, NGO’s, Municipalities and other Public and Private European Organizations that realize European Projects. We would be very glad to join your network. If you have any further idea, or you are interested in partnership do not hesitate to contact us. Targets group of the organization We are addressing to local and regional authorities, SMEs, associations, etc.

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