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Paraplegics association of Macva county

Dane kontaktowe

Vojvode Brane 2, 15000 Sabac, Serbia

Osoba kontaktowa

Slavisa Savic, Aca Peric
[email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
tel: +38115 352873, +381638387187, +381640551130

Informacja o organizacji

During the previous 20 years, the Paraplegics Association of Mačva county (to be referred to as the Association) realised over 30 projects financed by the City of Šabac; Ministry of labour, employment, veteran and social affairs; Ministry of construction, transport and infrastructure; Ministry of culture and information; Republic of Serbia Road traffic safety agency; Handicap International; UNDP; UNHCR; IRD; BCIF Belgrade; World Bank; the Coca-Cola company; Direct Media; as well as a significant number of cities and municipalities of the Republic of Serbia. The net worth of some of these individual projects ranged from 3,000 to 30,000 euros. In the area of improvement of road traffic safety of youth, we achieved the following significant results: in 3 years we gave more than 250 training hours, and our lectures and public events were attended by over 25,000 participants (novice drivers or regular drivers) in more than 40 cities and municipalities in Serbia that contributed to the overall positive change and decreased accidents in the category of youth.

Komponent/działanie, którego partnerstwo dotyczy

Strand 2. - Democratic engagement and civic participation

Zakres tematyczny projektu

Społeczeństwo obywatelskie

Rola partnera w projekcie

We are interested in both joining and organising activites related to Strand 2 and we are highly interested in becoming partner organisation for projects aimed at democratic society and civic participation.

Opis projektu

Our most important goals for the near future are the development and promotion of inclusive tourism, which is almost inexistent at the moment. Furthermore, we particularly emphasize the integration of the handicapped into all spheres of social life, from taking part in city happenings, city assembly, cultural and all other events we have been deprived of for far too long, due to factors such as poor infrastructure, lack of empathy, and discrimination in all aspects of life. People with handicaps are the most marginalised group in Serbia, and have less rights than any other national, religious, or even sexual group. We want to be treated with dignity, with the basic human rights, respect, equality and other European values which any person in the world should have by default but which, unfortunately, the handicapped in Serbia are deprived of.





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