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Dane kontaktowe:

Vytauto g. 61
Palanga LT-00134 , Litwa
Tel: +370 460 49445

Osoba kontaktowa

Rimantas Varanauskas
[email protected]
+370 611 23123


Informacje o organizacji:

The Public Library of the Palanga city municipality

Komponent/działanie, którego partnerstwo dotyczy:

Komponent 2.2. Sieci miast

Rola partnera:

To organize EUROMICS activities in the environment of partners in order to achieve a common understanding between the project organizations, countries and cities.

Opis projektu:

We intend to apply with the EUROMICS project to the EU programme Europe for Citizens 2020 Strand 2 Democratic Engagement and Civic Participation - Networks of Towns measure focusing on the objective of promoting the democratic participation of EU citizens by improving their understanding of the EU policy-making process, promoting opportunities for intercultural participation and volunteering, by presenting and bringing the European Parliament and its institutions closer to a wide range of project participants. What is EUROMICS? It is a comic style drawings video (up to 20 sec.) and ultra-short text, that will express the views of European citizens on the content related to citizens‘ involvement in the EU political agenda in the broader sense. The project partners and participants will develop Euromics according to the same principles and using the same tools in each project country in order to strengthen and develop mutual understanding, intercultural dialogue, solidarity and cooperation between urban networks. The content of Euromics will answer the priorities of the Europe for Citizens programme - involving citizens in proposing concrete solutions to important issues on the EU's political agenda (Green Deal, digitalization, etc.). Why EUROMICS? It is a simple and effective form that is easy to create and customize anywhere, playful and capable of involve large groups of participants. Additionally, such adventurous campaigns usually produce positive results. Personal inclusion and creativity make it easier and more open to share thoughts and impressions, as well as understand and accept the opinions of others. Timetable of the project: We plan to discuss timetable during the first meeting with representatives of partner organizations in Brussels at the early beginning of the project, with an aim to make all the matters and activities of the EUROMICS clear.


Comments from the applicant: Dear all, The vacation period isn‘t the best time to invite for the common project to implement, even it looks for the project partners quite nice, easy, and beneficial. However, the present situation changed understanding about many things, and about what is the 'normal planning' as well. We kindly introduce the idea for an application for Europe for Citizens program, please take a look at it in this link , and very hope for your response ASAP “we are IN for Euromics”. Best regards, Rimantas

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