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Dane kontaktowe

Nemanjina 6 Belgrade Serbia
tel: 0038111 361 83 57

Osoba kontaktowa

Jovana Andjelkovic, Ana Ivanovski [email protected] 0038163 1113408; 0038160 3557818;

Informacja o organizacji

OIR was established in 1955 for organized addressing the situation of disabled workers who live in the Municipality of Savski venac in Belgrade, Serbia. One of our priorities is creating of a network for social support. To this end in 2012. we signed a protocol on cooperation in the project INTERGENERATIONAL VOLUNTEER CENTER, with PS Stefan Nemanja, Design School, Community Health Center Savski venac, Dkc Majdan and Municipality of Savski venac. Since then, this project is improving with the aim to create a local place fit for children, disabled and elderly. Today we have partners in Slovenia – Home For Elderly “Šiška”, BIH – Center for Social Work Istocno Novo Sarajevo, Gerontological Center Sarajevo, Municipality organization of Pensioners Modrica and in Macedonia.

Komponent/działanie, którego partnerstwo dotyczy

Komponent 2.3. Projekty społeczeństwa obywatelskiego

Zakres tematyczny projektu

Dialog międzykulturowy

Ramy czasowe projektu

01-09-2016 – 31-01-2017

Rola partnera w projekcie


Opis projektu

Title: MEETINGS FOR A BETTER TOMORROW Context:Networking communities Europe is getting older and more threatened by poverty, middle class disappearance is visible more and more. System solutions are no longer in accordance with the needs. This is a call for partners to build a network of self-sustaining programs, of governmental and non-governmental institutions locally as well as national and European. General aim: should contribute to the creating and improvementof non-institutional social services through non-profit self-sustainable programs. Specific aim: Networking of partners The project consists of five activities: three meetings – in three diferent cities for 2 days in each, 3 representatives from each partner country, one camp – 10 days, 20 participants from each partner country and traveling exhibitions in partner countries. Themes of the meeting: 1st Intergenerational Daily Stay 2nd Collective housing with the supervision 3rd Open for Yours sugestions in accordance with the aims of the project – what is burnig issue in your community we should debate about? Participants: 10% children, 20% persons with disabilities, 30% 60+ elderly, 20% institution representatives and 20% local authority representatives. The priority covered will be 'Debate on the Future of Europe'. Role of the partner organisations in the project: to identify target groups in their country. Active participation in the preparations and activities.

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