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Municipio de Lousada

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Lousada, Portugal

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[email protected]
tel: 255 820 500

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Komponent/działanie, którego partnerstwo dotyczy

Strand 2. - Democratic engagement and civic participation / Civil Society Projects

Zakres tematyczny projektu

Zaangażowanie społeczne i demokratyczne

Rola partnera w projekcie

M Lousada + 3 partners (at last) others Municipals

Opis projektu

Meeting the general objectives of the program, it is intended that the young participants understand the Union, its history and its diversity in order to foster European citizenship and improve the conditions for civic and democratic participation at the level of the union, through dialogue intercultural. Specific Objectives - to increase awareness in terms of memory, his-tory and common values of the Union and the purpose of the Union, namely, to promote peace, the values of the union and the well-be-ing of its peoples, stimulating debate, reflection and network devel-opment. Encourage the democratic and civic participation of cities at the union level, developing their understanding of the union's policy-making process and promoting opportunities for societal and inter-cultural engagement, as well as volunteering at the union level. In short, making the inhabitants of the European Union aware of the historical and future importance and reinforcing their civic role, start-ing from the basis of education. Maximum objective is to reduce absenteeism in electoral processes and get voters to get involved. Activity Description - The activity “Small Deputies, Great Ideas” is based on the constitution of an assembly with representatives of the 4th, 6th and 9th grade students, where they can present the prob-lems and concerns that most concern them. "This initiative also intends to make known the room where the ses-sions of the Municipal Assembly are held, the meaning of the munici-pal mandate, the rules of the municipal debate and the decision pro-cess of the Municipal Assembly." Promote democratic debate, respect for diversity of opinions and rules for the formation of decisions, encourage reflection and debate on the problems of the municipality, provide the experience of partic-ipation in electoral processes, educate for citizenship, stimulate the capacities of expression and arguments in defense of ideas, with re-spect for the values of tolerance and the formation of the will of the majority are other objectives of this initiative. Each school selects one student for each teaching cycle, which rep-resents the students of that school. The representative should collect the ideas and concerns of all colleagues, with the help of the teacher.





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