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Varoshaza Square, 5 535600 Odorheiu Secuiesc, Hargita County Rumunia
tel: +4 0266 218145

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HADNAGY ZSUZSANNA [email protected] +4 0266 218032

Informacja o organizacji

Székelyudvarhely lies in the Southeastern part of the Transylvanian basin, by the river Nagyküküllő (Tarnava Mare), in county Harghita. It is bordered by several hills. The name of the town, as Udvarhely, was first mentioned at 1332 in a papal document. In 1558 Izabella Queen of Hungary gives the town the right for using its own seal and shield. Long time, until 1968, was the economical, political, educational and cultural center of the region. Now is the second most populated town of the county. Its total population, recording to the dates from 2011 national census, is of 34.256 inhabitants. What gives an unique character for the city is that a great majority (95,7%) of its population is Hungarian, so we can define this town as a little Hungarian isle in the great Romanian sea. The Hungarians which are living in the region are called “székely” (Sekler in German, it has no translation in English). This geographical, historical, cultural and demographical background made from this town a fast developing one, which was mostly kept its Hungarian character in the heart of Transylvania. The life of the town from Middle Age until now was concentrated in four main fields: education, economy, tourism, cultural life - including preservation of local traditions and the enlargement of the civil life.

Komponent/działanie, którego partnerstwo dotyczy

Komponent 2.2. Sieci miast

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Opis projektu

We would like to participate as partner in the projects related to one of priority axis for 2016, and which is debating on the future of Europe. We are also interested in the colaboration about local traditions, culture and cultural tourism, important instruments the susteinable development of the EU. Odorheiu Secuiesc Municipiality has a lot of experience in the project management: 1. Project: Preparing municipality of Odorheiu Secuiesc for a successful access of EU funds /PHARE 2005/017-553.01.0306. 2. Care or you –Care for us, PHARE 2005/017-553.01.01. 3. Tooth Fairy , PHARE 2006/018-147.01.01. 4. Promote Historical Center/POR 2007-2013, Axis 5.3. 5. Together for our town – Town days Székelyudvarhely, CITIZENSHIP EACEA, 2011, Active Citizens for Europe, 1-Town twinning, Measure 1.1. Town twinning citizens meetings în perioada 1-12 iunie 2011. 6. Avareness of the values and rights of citizens in a democratic Europe, CITIZENSHIP EACEA, 1. Town twinning, 1.2 Networks of twinned towns/ 2013. We have participated in a partnership in TERRE project, Teritory, energy & Employment „For a greener future of rural area”, “Be youth” project, Europe for Citizens.

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