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Municipality of Hisarya

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"General Gurko" Str. №47, Hisarya 4180

Osoba kontaktowa

Iveta Malinova [email protected] +359 / 877838177

Informacja o organizacji

Hisarya is a small mineral waters resort town in Bulgaria, in Plovdiv Province. Located in the outskirts of the Sredna Gora mountain range, it has of a very mild climate and over two dozen mineral springs, which are visited by Bulgarian and foreign tourists. The town's population is 7,691. The population of the municipality is approximately 15,000. After Bulgaria joined EU in 2007 various financing programs were used to recover the ancient ruins and renovate the park and street infrastructure, which recreates the town intensively and constantly and turns it again into a real gem of the Bulgarian spa, nature and historic heritage.

Komponent/działanie, którego partnerstwo dotyczy

Komponent 2.1. Partnerstwo miast

Zakres tematyczny projektu

Ramy czasowe projektu

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Rola partnera w projekcie

We would like to participate as partners. We are interested in projects under the European year of cultural heritage as well.

Opis projektu

Municipality of Hisarya is looking for a partner (preferably city with mineral water basin from any European country) to submit a project proposal under the Strand 2 of the ‘Europe for Citizens’ programme, which is a European funding programme aimed at fostering active citizenship and at enhancing cooperation and exchange of experiences on topic of common interest. In particular, the measure is ‘1.1 – Town twinning’. The current project proposal aim to implement a fair and workshops focused on the sustainable development of urban areas within and around cities with mineral water basins.

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