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2360 Gyál, Kőrösi út 112-114. Gyál Węgry
tel: +36-30-3090580

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Anna Molnár [email protected] +36-30-3090580

Informacja o organizacji

The town of Gyál – with inhabitants of 22.500 - can be found in Central-Europe, in Hungary and is situated in the agglomeration south-east of the capital, Budapest. The location of our town is perfect and it can be accessed easily since it lies at the cross of highways M0 and M5, moreover the Liszt Ferenc International Airport is within some minutes drive. Gyál is the centre of the so-called Gyál Subregion. The subregion consists of approximately 50.000 citizens from the following settlements: Alsónémedi, Bugyi, Felsőpakony, Ócsa and Gyál. The cultural life of Gyál is quite diverse due to the many non-governmental civil organizations which are run in the town. Among others the pride of our town is the Brass Band of Gyál, the dance groups, the folk song choirs, and the Majorette Team of Gyál, which is well-known all over Europe.

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The Town of Gyál is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2017. For many years cultural programs have been organized around Pentecost for this occasion. During this program series several aspect of culture is highlighted through concert programs, exhibitions, Hungarian folk-song meetings, etc. For next year a Town Twinning Meeting is planned to be included. One important aim of this project is to show the cultural diversity of our Twin Towns for the inhabitants of Gyál, and also to represent the beauty of Hungarian culture for our visitors. The other target of the meeting is to generate communication with the aim of getting to know each other and the EU, what part it plays in our everyday life, what difference it makes to be a part of it. Our aim is to provide better understanding of the EU, both for the inhabitants of Gyál and for our visitors from the Twin Towns. The meeting will also be a learning process creating the grounds of intercultural dialogues and further cooperation. It will enable the participants to understand and to familiarize with the notion of European citizenship and European values in 2017. The partner organisations, municipalities are warmly invited for the 3-day long program series with the aim of getting to know each other and building a future living cooperation between our towns.

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