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Municipality of Breznik

Dane kontaktowe

16 “Elena Georgieva” str., Breznik 2360, Region Pernik, Bulgaria

Osoba kontaktowa

Irena Georgieva [email protected] +359899009797

Informacja o organizacji

Breznik is a town with a thousand-year history. It is one of the first five Bulgarian cities, founded together with Nis, Plovdiv, Sredets and Srem. From the known, yet scanty, historical written and archaeological data, it can be seen that Breznishko has a rich historical past. There are material remains from the Thracian time from the first millennium BC. Intense life here also existed during the Roman empire epoch, as can be inferred from the numerous votive tiles and plastic imagery, tombstones and coin deposits.

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Komponent 2.1. Partnerstwo miast

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We would like to participate as partners. We are interested in projects under the European year of cultural heritage.

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