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ul. Osvobozhdenie 101 Kameno Bułgaria
tel: +359 5515 3008

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Radovesta Stewart [email protected] +359896809038

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Kameno Municipality is a municipality in Burgas Province, Bulgaria. It includes the towns of Kameno and a number of villages, population of ca. 10 000. Kameno is famous for its masters of traditional music instruments, who inhabited the town for many generations.

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Komponent 2.1. Partnerstwo miast

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Culture, Traditional Crafts, Music Instruments The development of folk instruments is an old and important craft without the preservation of which the musical traditions is impossible in any region or country. However, is there anyone, who would continue the work of the masters of bagpipes and rebecs and how this tradition can be fostered? With every day it becomes more and more difficult to find people, who are willing to study folkloric performing arts, which directly affects the masters of traditional music instruments such as the luthiers and their craft. Attracting new generations and getting them interested in traditional instruments can be achieved through the promotion of their sound in online platforms from the type "Try and Share". The implementation of popular contemporary tunes under the accompaniment of flute, fiddle and bagpipe from a wider range of people and sharing them via channels in social networks is one of the methods to attract new followers of this art. This will be achieved as better recognition of native folk art, and demand for these music instruments, as it will stop the demise of the craft masters - luthiers of rebecs, bagpipes and flutes. For the implementation of this idea we would like to bring together famous master luthiers of traditional instruments from different regions in Europe. The town of Kameno is looking for partner cities in order to establish network of towns/municipalities interested to preserve the old craft of producing traditional music instruments and preserving their sounds as well as contributing to their popularity.

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