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I.Ralli & Dimarxeiou 1 Metamorfossi Polska


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Nikolaos Chatzigeorgiou [email protected] 00306977083568

Informacja o organizacji

Metamorphossi is a North Municipality of Athens urban complex, at the southeast foot of Mount Parnitha, served transportation primarily through the National Road Athens-Lamia. Administratively belongs to Attica - North Athens. Today, it has evolved into an integrated modern municipality, with shopping center, parks and squares as well as sports facilities. The population, according to official data from the Hellenic Statistical Authority, according to the census of 2011, is 26 448 people, while according to unofficial estimates the total population exceeds 35,000. In the industrial zone of the municipality are located and operate 1,700 large and small business units. The Municipality of Metamorfossi has extensive experience and activity in the fields of employment, social cohesion, entrepreneurship and energy efficiency. The Municipality of Metamorfossi is certified for management efficiency programs. As part of this certification is the owner and operator of the implementation of several programs on social issues and working time issues. The Municipality of Metamorfossi is currently in the process of the certification for ISO50001 for the energy management systems. Furthermore, the Mayor has signed the Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy and is very active in all fields concerning environmental issues.

Komponent/działanie, którego partnerstwo dotyczy

Komponent 2.1. Partnerstwo miast

Zakres tematyczny projektu

Współpraca miast

Ramy czasowe projektu

01-09-2016 – 30-09-2016

Rola partnera w projekcie


Opis projektu

The project consists of a conference organized in the convention center of Metamorfossi with the aim of engaging people and organizations of both twinned towns towards separate waste collection. European Union is shifting in the context of a circular economy and the importance of separate waste collection and reuse is a matter of great importance. In Greece in particular, the system of collecting waste is redesigned in this context and the real target is to engage and motivate citizens towards that direction. The Conference Agenda will debate on how the twinned town has successfully implemented separate waste collection and how the citizens participated actively. The role of the partner will be to offer experience and expertise of a successful implementation of a waste disposal system. How had other local societies been motivated to recycle and what methods have been used from the local governance in order to shift towards a circular economy.

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