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Ayuntamiento de La Palma del Condado. Concejalía de Fomento, Empleo y Desarrollo Local La Palma del Condado Polska
tel: +34609442096

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Ayuntamiento de La Palma del Condado. Concejalía de Fomento, Empleo y Desarrollo Local [email protected] +34609442096

Informacja o organizacji

La Palma del Condado is a city of 10.600 inhabitants declared City declared of Cultural Interest in the category of Historic-Artistic by Spanish law and placed in Andalucía region, close to Doñana national park in South-West European Atlantic coast and among Spanish cities of Sevilla and Huelva. La Palma del Condado municipality is strongly working in awareness of community in local social dialogue and participation in local development matters. With this purpose, its Local Development Agency is responsible for developing Local Platform of Multilevel Governance and manage the dialogue and participation of local community members in different topics: employment policies in the city, vocational training programs, tourism and culture projects, volunteer programs, etc.

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Komponent 1. Pamięć europejska

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Opis projektu

The project is focused to organize an interchange lessons to be learnt about the experience of children of war and recommendations for European citizens to understand, prevent and avoid risks with children. We are urged to understand consequences for Europe of today and future with children in coming from other countries under conflict (specially from Syria). We will develop a set of case studies throughout collecting memories of old people about its days as children in days before the start of Spanish Civil War, transform it into awareness materials and disseminate it in local and European seminars. CHISPAS would become a common European place for the study of impact of war in the life of children and as a way to recover memories across Europe to gain in experiences of risk to be prevented and wishes of older Europeans (still) to be accomplished and feasible to be done (as freedom to ride in bicycle …) . We are looking for cities and towns and EU public bodies and non profit networks and associations with proved experience in collecting memories and experience with exiles from Spain.

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