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Dane kontaktowe

Plaza de la Juventud S/N 29130 Alhaurín de la Torre Hiszpania
tel: +34 952 4171 50

Osoba kontaktowa

Coralie Vasquez [email protected] +34 661 391 952

Informacja o organizacji

Alhaurín de la Torre is located in Andalusia (38.300 inhabitants). The municipality is already twinned with New Iberia (USA) and possesses a great experience in managing ERDF and ESF funds. We are investing all our efforts in strengthening Citizen participation in the town life and its main decision. We are constantly renewing our methods in order to set up a fluent and direct dialogue with citizens using innovative

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We are interested in exchanging best practices with other European cities focused on the same preoccupation: strengthening the European citizenship, citizen participation and active involvement in the city, etc. We possess several places for organising events and we are used to deal with the organisation of event and gather the population around a specific subject in order to collect their impressions. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information on our capacities. We are looking for joining a consortium.

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