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Palermo Sicily (Italy)
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Informacja o organizacji

Maghweb is an NGO based in Sicily (IT), geographically in the heart of the Mediterranean area - the area which is strongly affected by the European dynamics connected to migration and social changes. Maghweb works both at local and international level. Main purpose of the organisation is to produce social change and to generate empowerment of the most disadvantaged brackets of the population with high risk of social exclusion, through the tools of communication and information. Maghweb has got 17 people working inside the organisation: expert journalists, web designers, graphic designers, communicators, social media managers, project managers, content editors,insight creators, trainers, educators, Human Rights experts and campaigners. In the last years, Maghweb has started changing the approach of the third sector towards communication and information about its own social activities and actions: the organisation redefined the importance of an efficient and fair communication, paying attentions to the needs of the beneficiaries, trying to be the most widespread as possible, managing communication projects and working on a web platform ( that is well known both at local level and as reliable tool for social information.

Komponent/działanie, którego partnerstwo dotyczy

Komponent 1. Pamięć europejska

Zakres tematyczny projektu

Dialog międzykulturowy, Wartości europejskie, Edukacja dla Pokoju, Społeczne zaangażowanie

Rola partnera w projekcie

How we would like to involve you: the most important thing for us is to establish a fruitful cooperation, so we would like you to: • propose the activities you believe are more coherent with the project idea and would produce a great participation of the locals. The programme envisages workshops that shall involve the population, so feel free to tell us about the activities you normally implement and we will design a programme together. • we would like to have a horizontal approach, so it would be great if you could contribute to the phase of writing the project. • help us with logistics and organisational aspects of the festival

Opis projektu

Strand 1 - European Remembrance The project was born within the Maghweb team with the idea to examine the concept of wall from an artistic perspective. This idea comes from the need to use art as a mean to resist to any kind of wall, barrier, prejudice and imposition. Initially the show was performed by the Maestro Gianluca Badon and the actress Arianna Scuteri in Palermo, the show includes the performance of the most important tracks of the album “The Wall” by the Pink Floyd, accompanied by readings from the greatest writers and intellectual of all times. Both the readings and the music try to examine the topics addressed in this album, which are still tragically relevant: exclusion, dehumanisation, homologation, frustration, apathy, hatred for diversity are just some of the bricks building walls between people. In occasion of the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall we want to bring this show on the European level, in order to celebrate Europe in its unity and its values of freedom, democracy and diversity. We are planning a tour that will start from Italy and will later involve different cities affected by walls (both real and imaginary) in the past and which are now symbol of coexistence ofbdiversity. In order to enrich our show we plan to merge it with the cultural scene of the city we are going to. Here you can find the link to a video promo we realised in order to give you an idea of the event:


Objective: re-address in a new way the topics addressed in the album and combine them with the social and cultural reality where the concert is performed. The idea is to create a 1/2-day-long festival with workshops, artistic performances and social activities aimed at creating interest on such topics among the local community, as well as advocating empathy, inclusion and diversity.




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