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Municipality of Fundão

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Praça do Municipio, 6230-338 Fundão Portugal
tel: +351 275779060

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Michaela GIL
[email protected]

Informacja o organizacji

The City Hall of Fundão is a local administration authority who manages 700 km2 and a population over 30 thousand inhabitants, living in 23 civil parishes. The town is an important local centre of industry and services, and around it lies some of the most fertile land in the region, in a large valley (Cova da Beira) were the most significant productions are cherries, olive oil, wine, and cheese. To leverage all possibilities to explore and tackle the vari-ous problems inherent in the regions rural and remote, in 2012, the Municipality proposed to develop a strategy focused on the attraction of investment, “Fundão Innova-tion Plan”. This Plan resulted the creation of Migration Fundão Center, it’s a space for welcoming, inclusion and integration. Within its various capacities, it includes the Refugee Reception Centre that began activity on Septem-ber 25, 2018 with the arrival of 19 applicants for interna-tional protection to Fundão, for 18-month Reception pro-gram. If for several years the town hall welcomes students from Portuguese-speaking countries in Africa and seasonal workers, the arrival of asylum seekers is a new challenge. Four months after their arrival, 13 of them have already found paid work in Fundão or around.

Komponent/działanie, którego partnerstwo dotyczy

Komponent 2. Działanie 2. Sieci miast

Zakres tematyczny projektu

Społeczne zaangażowanie, społeczeństwo obywatelskie, współpraca miast

Rola partnera w projekcie

The Municipality of Fundão is the lead partner of this pro-ject, responsible for managing the proposed action. It will play a key role in building the capacities with European partners and in addition to leading the project team, mon-itoring the progress and undertaking the overall reporting process. It will be responsible for ensuring that all legal requirements are met and that contractual and financial regulations are correctly implemented The Municipality of Fundão have relevant experience as partner in other European Cooperation program (URBACT, INTERREG EU-ROPE, POCTEP).

Opis projektu

Strand 2.2 Network of towns In view of the growing mobility of citizens in the world, in the country and in the region, the Municipality of Fundão has created the Center for Migration of the Fundão, which is a space for reception, inclusion and integration. Within its various capacities, it includes the Refugee Reception Center that began activity on September 25, 1919 with the arrival of 19 applicants for international protection to the Fundão. More information in French article: Coming from several countries of origin, all these wel-come have in common a trip and a rescue boat: the Aquarius. As the integration process of these individuals is already underway, it would be of interest to hold a meet-ing between the various European cities that have hosted groups of refugees from this same ship. The objective of this project is to foster the sharing of ex-periences between technical and welcoming teams. At the same time, it is intended to carry out inclusive and com-munity-based activities that act as a means of raising awareness and combating racism and discrimination.


European cities that have hosted groups of refugees from this same ship Aquarius, and or small and medium towns wishing to receive refugees.




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