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Municipality Of Alzira

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Alzira is a Spanish city of 44.225 inhabitants located in the “Community of Valencia”, 40 km away from Valencia which is the third largest city in Spain. For many years and despite the economic crisis, the priorities of Alzira have been the economic and social development in order to offer the citizens the possibility to live in a fair and cohesive city. As a countryside city, Alzira had to face hardly the economic crisis in Spain. Few industries went bankrupt and the rate of unemployment highly increased from 7% in 2006 to reach its higher point in 20% in 2015. Nevertheless, since then, it’s slightly decreasing and in July 2018 it was of 12,17%. The last data about unemployment (July 2018) shows that more than 63% of unemployed people are women. At the moment the service industry represents the 68,76% of the economy activity of Alzira. The project will be carried by the local development department of the City Council of Alzira: IDEA (Initiative for the local development of Alzira). The Agency depends on the Economic and Employment Promotion Department of the City Council of Alzira (Valencia). IDEA aims for promotion economic development and employment in the city. Working within a social context of difficult economic conditions IDEA aims to provide comprehensive support for the unemployed and entrepreneurs alike. Created in 1995, IDEA works in various fields to develop the city of Alzira and has demonstrated its capacities in the management of local, national and European projects. In 2007 IDEA received the prize of the best agency for the local development from the Community of Valencia. This price recognizes the work and the success of IDEA in the areas of entrepreneurship and local development. By Possessing a highly competent and efficient staff and versatile facilities (1200m2 of space) that are adaptable to a variety of diverse activities and programmes IDEA has strong structures in place to continue to develop their activities. The mains areas of IDEA are: - The labour orientation Service: IDEA supports unemployed people giving them assistance to find employment. - The Public Employment Programme: gathered programs which directly generate jobs in Alzira. - The Entrepreneurs service: This service aims to support entrepreneurship through the provision of services that strengthen business plans and support the entire start up process. - The Training service: this service aims to improve the professional qualification of the groups with greater difficulties in accessing the labour market, and therefore enhance their return to working life. - The European Programme: This service encourages the participation of the City Council in different projects. It also focuses on the European mobility and manages exchange projects for young people.

Komponent/działanie, którego partnerstwo dotyczy

Komponent 2. Działanie 2. Sieci miast

Zakres tematyczny projektu

Społeczne zaangażowanie, społeczeństwo obywatelskie, współpraca miast, dialog międzykulturowy, zwalczanie stygmatyzacji

Rola partnera w projekcie

Municipalities (population : 35 000 – 65 000) dealing with integration of migrants and/or promoting intercultural contact

Opis projektu

Strand 2.2 Network of towns This project responds to the call for proposals EACEA-51/2018: "Networks of Towns 2019 - Round 1" which aims to develop sustainable cooperation between cities to work together to promote the interest and engagement of their citizens in the European Union and its current affairs. The rise of populism in our current societies and its stigmatizing discourse towards minorities groups leads European citizens to fear and have negative attitudes toward “The Other” who doesn’t belong to their own group and which is considered only by its difference. By relaying this stigmatizing political discourse, by privileging quantity over quality and by using overly generic vocabulary and terms, the media have a heavy responsibility in the current situation. Convinced that the richness of cultural diversity is an element at the heart of the European Union and essential for its functioning we want to promote intercultural contact with “The Other”, notably with migrants and deconstruct the processes of stereotype and prejudice toward the “out group”. For this purpose, we want to first provide quality information to our citizens so that they have the necessary tools to deal with the categorizing discourse widely relayed by Medias. Secondly we want to organize intercultural activities to raise awareness of Human and European belonging and its common values that go beyond their differences. Finally, we want to take advantage in a positive way of the opportunity offered by the media by creating a video awareness campaign made by citizens emphasising common belonging of the European Union, its diversity and tolerance toward out groups. How can we reach citizens better than through the voice of the citizens themselves? These objectives will be achieved through several meetings in each partner’s country.





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