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Local action group ‘Prigorje-Zagorje’

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Maltar Zdravko [email protected] +385 91 1981796

Informacja o organizacji

The Local action group ‘Prigorje-Zagorje’ is a non-profit organization established in order to promote sustainable rural development and initiatives and interests of importance. It covers the area of 11 municipalities. Members from the LAG come from the economic, civil and public sector. Their mission is to improve the quality of life and foster citizenship in this area. Various civil organizations are a part of LAG PRIZAG: cultural and artistic associations, associations of young people, associations of women, fire departments and sports associations.

Komponent/działanie, którego partnerstwo dotyczy

Komponent 2.2. Sieci miast

Zakres tematyczny projektu

Ramy czasowe projektu

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Rola partnera w projekcie

Public authorities (municipalities and small cities) and various associations related to the theme.

Opis projektu

Networks of Towns & European Year of Cultural Heritage - LAG PRIZAG will apply this project in the name of Municipality of Budinščina (a local self-government). About the project: With this project we aim to celebrate and promote our most valuable cultural heritage (sites, customs and other). Every place has some special heritage that is being forgotten or endangered. Thus, with this project, we strive not to let this heritage fade away, but to let it bloom and prove how valuable it is. Heritage means identity and diversity, but also dialogue and understanding for each other’s values. We are on the search for partners with a specific heritage they are dedicated to conserving and promoting. It can be either tangible or intangible; important is that the partner finds it the most valuable thing to show to the world. 6 meeting focused on heritage are planned, together with supporting activities (web-site, papers, etc.).

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