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Laterna Magica (Budapest, Hungary) – COLORFUL EUROPE Celebration of Minorities

Dane kontaktowe:

Budapest, Węgry

Osoba kontaktowa

Daniel Biro
[email protected]


Komponent/działanie, którego partnerstwo dotyczy:

Komponent 2.3. Projekty społeczeństwa obywatelskiego

Rola partnera:

Number of planned partners: 4-5 organizations Ideal partners: Non-profit organizations, including civil society organizations, educational, cultural or research institutions.

Opis projektu:

The project is targeted mainly at European minority groups (religious, linguistic, ethnic, cultural) to foster their active citizenship and debate related to the state of minorities in European societies. We would like to showcase the rich culture of European minorities and preserve the traditions of these vulnerable groups. With the project activities we intend to foster the intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding between EU citizens and local minority groups. The project will provide the participating organizations to set up a long-term strategic network and support the European Union’s policy-making processes with feedbacks and aggregated recommendations in the field of European minorities. Target groups: local minorities, young European citizens, NGOs and civil society organizations, stakeholders and policy-makers. Project activities: - Intercultural student workshops - Traveling Exhibition - Cultural festival and youth conference - MONO – Minorities Online Network


Length of the project: 18 months Targeted EU support: 150 000 euro Self-financial participation: not mandatory but voluntary Schedule of payments: 50% at the beginning of the project, 50% after the completion of the project.

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