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Institute for historical intervention

Dane kontaktowe

Zollergasse 17/1/7, 1050-Vienna, Austria

Osoba kontaktowa

Philipp Reichel-Neuwirth [email protected] 00436503616660

Informacja o organizacji

The Institute for Historical Intervention uncovers hidden collective memories by transdisciplinary projects, such as historical research and performance. Members work in the fields of Jewish and Central European history. Projects: Bringing together divided memory.

Komponent/działanie, którego partnerstwo dotyczy

Komponent 1. Pamięć europejska, Komponent 2.1. Partnerstwo miast

Zakres tematyczny projektu

Commemorations of major historical turning points in recent European history.

Ramy czasowe projektu

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Rola partnera w projekcie

Participation in the workshop and continuous feedback for the other guided tours through a video platform.

Opis projektu

Tourist guides, history teachers and students are invited to Vienna for a three days workshop about “History of Europe”: through lectures, a prototype guided tour, discussions and creative training participants start to develop a guided tour through their home city about “Europeanness” in history, share and exchange ideas about the approach. After the workshop, we keep in touch and give feedback by a video platform to “guide” the whole community virtually through their city. Aim: Apart from national and local narratives participants provide a European Perspective onto their city.

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