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C/ San Jerónimo, 27, Granada 18001 Granada Hiszpania
tel: +34 958 206 508
fax: +34 958 206 508

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[email protected]

Informacja o organizacji

The Euro-Arab Foundation for Higher Studies (FUNDEA) is a highly specialized institution that works within the fields of cooperation, training and research, creating a space for dialogue and collaboration between the countries of the European Union and Arab countries on the one hand, and between the European Union social and institutional actors and its Arab and Islamic communities agents on the other. The Foundation is entrusted with promoting cultural, scientific and academic relations between Europe and the Arab World, throughout the dissemination of scientific and humanistic knowledge produced in universities, research centres and civil society organizations, in order to contribute to the reinforcement of dialogue. For that purpose, the Foundation’s work is focused on the promotion of studies and researches as well as platforms and forums of discussion and debate. FUNDEA carries out high-level research and advanced training that focuses mainly on intercultural and religious dialogue, civil society, immigration, democratic governance and prevention of radicalization. Our last and current activities in these fields are, among others: - Chair of Studies in Islamic Civilization and Renewal of Religious Thought. - Specialist Diploma in “Islam, Islamism[s] and Islamophobia in the Modern World” - Summer Courses in 'Critical Muslim Studies'. - Training Course in Management of NGO´s. - Training Course in International Cooperation Projects - International Colloquium on Rabbis and Synagogues in the Mediterranean. - ISESCO Chair of Cultural Diversity and International Solidarity. - Specialist Diploma in “Diplomacy and Euro-Arab Relations”. - International Chair of Amazigh Culture. - EURAD Project. Shari’ah-based communicative approach to prevent and fight contemporary forms of radicalization leading to home-grown terrorism in the EU. - Project ‘PRADJIHAD / Preventing Radicalisation of Jihadist Terrorism’

Komponent/działanie, którego partnerstwo dotyczy

Komponent 2.3. Projekty społeczeństwa obywatelskiego

Zakres tematyczny projektu

Dialog międzykulturowy

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Our project focuses on media literacy through the use of new technologies and social networks to challenge xenophobia, islamophobia and racist stereotypes promoting cross-cultural values and mutual understanding between European and third countries’ young citizens. The project will be carried out in three steps: - The first step will provide participants with training in intercultural topics, media and digital literacy that aim to empower them as critical and active citizens. As such, these youths will be able to detect and denounce political discourses that exacerbate discrimination based on race, religious, and national origin and are commonly used against immigrants, refugees, and minorities. - The second step will consist on the production of audiovisual material through which participants will be able to express their ideas and experiences on racism and xenophobia and will emphasize on cultural, religious and linguistic diversity as one of the main assets of European citizenship. Through their production, these young citizens will create counter narratives that will valorise refugees as an added value to European identity. - The third step will gather together participants in a meeting in which the material produced will be exhibited and discussed by its creators. The meeting also aims to foster social networks that will keep these young citizens in contact in order to guarantee continuity and sustainability of the project impact upon conclusion. We are currently planning to submit a project on this topic as coordinators; however, we are also considering looking for a leader with a project already formulated and offer our collaboration. The Euro-Arab Foundation can provide high-level expertise, training and education in all aspects related to social, cultural, economic and political issues in the MENA region. We may provide as well services in the areas of interculturality, interreligious dialogue, gender, renewable energy and environment, international relations and international law, peacebuilding, security and geopolitics. Moreover, FUNDEA offers outstanding facilities to hosting international events as it counts with an auditorium and two meeting rooms which holds up to 80, 40 and 20 people respectively, fully equipped with simultaneous translation and audio-visual systems.

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