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Folkuniversitetet Syd

Dane kontaktowe

Skomakaregatan 8, 230 50 Lund, Sweden Szwecja

Osoba kontaktowa

Hedvig Weibull
[email protected]
tel: + 46 721471000

Informacja o organizacji

Folkuniversitetet is an educational organisation which offers courses and programmes in various subjects. These range from Swedish for immigrants to foreign langugages, arts course such as painting, sculpting, singing or dance classes. Apart from this we help people get their first jobs and to start work training. In a new project we want develop new methods of connecting researchers from the university world to ordinary citizens. We want to make research more accessible to everyone in the society and we have long standing experience in organising research events in cultural spaces.

Komponent/działanie, którego partnerstwo dotyczy

Komponent 2. Demokratyczne zaangażowanie i uczestnictwo obywatelskie Działanie 2.3. Projekty społeczeństwa obywatelskiego

Zakres tematyczny projektu


Rola partnera w projekcie

To create a programme of exchange of ideas together with us and to come up with ideas which we can present to our EU-politicians together.

Opis projektu

Strand 2 Democratic engagement and civic participation Measure 2.3 Civil society projects “Citizens fighting Climate Change.” A Civil Society Project within the programme Europe for Citizens. We wish to apply to do a project strengthening “Democratic engagement and civic participation”. We wish to connect networks of citizens who are concerned about climate change with one another. The project aims to let these different networks present their different local suggestions and solutions to climate change and how to reduse the emissions of greenhouse gases. We are certain that sharing experiences and sharing concerns, we can find solutions much faster and in more productive ways than if we all have to invent different solutions in our respective country.


Everyone is welcome, everyone is needed.




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