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European Network for social volunteering

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[email protected] Tel. +39 347.8289552 – 393.9629434

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Founded in 2001 and officially registered in 2002, the Association InformaGiovani, has among its aims the promotion of volunteering, of active citizenship, of participation and inclusion of young people in society.Main activities are local and international volunteering projects and initiatives of information and training for youth and on youth activities.Since it fundation, the association has focused on social inclusion, working mainly with youth in conflict with law (InformaGiovani has a long lasting formal co-operation with Offices of the Italian Department for Juvenile Justice) and with young people with sensorial disabilities.Since 2009, InformaGiovani is the leading body of an European network dealing with volunteering, recognized by the European Commission in the frame of Key Action 3 of Erasmus Plus Programme.Every year InformaGiovani and its partners organize some 100 youth activities all over Europe, involving more than 5.000 young people and youth workers.Thanks to previous projects and initaitives, InformaGiovani has developed information tools and system, having today some 25.000 subscribers in Italy and 6.000 abroad, issueing information newsletters on youth activities and policies.

Komponent/działanie, którego partnerstwo dotyczy

Komponent 1. European Remembrance

Zakres tematyczny projektu

European remembrance

Ramy czasowe projektu

– 26.02.2018

Rola partnera w projekcie

Opis projektu

Title of the project: With media literacy against totalitarian anti antidemocratic ideologies. The economic crisis in Europe and worldwide created conditions in which populist and different extremist ideologies are increasing their influence in society and in politics. At the same time, many democratic systems seem affected by lack of active democratic participation of citizen, as shown by the decrease of the number of active voters at elections. In such a situation, extremist and right-wing organizations are offering what they consider a simple solution: blaming minorities of all kinds (migrants, ethnic or linguistic minorities, LGBT, etc.) labelling them as the cause of society’s problems. Such a phenomenon is reinforced by using misleading information and spreading fear. Addressing minorities as the cause of social problems is not a new communication/political strategy in history, but as evident nowadays is still very effective. Same or similar strategies were used already by different totalitarian regimes in Europe and beyond in the past, but today the impact of such techniques is more effective and more widespread thanks to the use of modern and diffuse communication technologies. Through this project, we would like to strengthen European Civil society in order to make citizens aware of risks connected with propaganda and information and communication technologies, related to the spreading of violent, anti-democratic and totalitarian ideologies. We would like to make European citizens, young citizens in particular, aware of the role that propaganda and misuse of media can play in creating cultural conditions for extremist, racist, xenophobic and radical behaviours, promoting at the same time a thought and critical use of the same media. The objectives of the project: • remember European totalitarian past and its consequences • increase critical thinking of European citizens towards communication strategies which are used by populist and extremist movements • provide information on how to develop a thought and critical approach to media, with a special focus on new and “social” ones • increase active participation and debate on the issue, by means of art and new media.

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