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European Laboratory on Training, Education and Citizenship (EuLabTEC)

Dane kontaktowe:

Via Veneto,
17 - 04011 Aprilia, Włochy
Tel: +39 3403340077; +39 3386064306

Osoba kontaktowa

Luigi A. Dell’Aquila (Scientific Director)
[email protected]
Skype ID: luigi.a.dellaquila


Informacje o organizacji:

European Laboratory on Training, Education and Citizenship is a non-profit association set up to create workshops of ideas on training and education for Europe and European citizenship. EuLabTEC is therefore a physical and digital space where European professionals and associations exchange best practices for a common European growth. The association therefore carries out activities of social utility in order to educate citizenship on the concepts of European citizenship and the growth of skills aimed at favoring the objectives of a community development in the European sense. It also conducts research and dissemination of European cultural values to improve integration within and outside the Union, promote the mobility of young people by promoting cultural exchange and knowledge, active and participatory European citizenship, and opportunities for networking. It also organizes courses, training activities, seminars, in particular, in order to achieve the following aims: 1) Promote the education, training and active citizenship; 2) Develop awareness, critical awareness and competence in the younger generations; 3) Offer new opportunities in training and providing skills to adults with social problems; 4) Promote the European social policies; 5) Cultural education of young people at European and international level; 6) Promote the youth mobility in the cultural, educational and working fields; 7) Support for young artists in the field of visual arts, theater, music, entertainment and free creativity in general; 8) Promote the free circulation of ideas; 9) Promote and develop non-formal education paths; 10) Promote the Policies and Programs of the European Union, with particular interest in the sectors of education, training and European citizenship.

Komponent/działanie, którego partnerstwo dotyczy:

Komponent 2.3. Projekty społeczeństwa obywatelskiego

Rola partnera:

Participation in the planned Transnational Events, realization of Local Events and dissemination activities of the Project results

Opis projektu:

“Citizens for European Rural Areas with New Opportunities” General Objective: The Project aims to create a Space (Community) of Cooperation for the Social Sustainability of the European Rural Territories, in order to improve the conditions for Citizens' Partecipation in Rural Areas, promoting Social Commitment Actions that encourage the socio-economic development in the small municipalities of the European Union and combat aging and depopulation, throught solutions and opportunities offered by associationism and cooperativism, as assets of the EU sustainable rural development. Specific Objectives: 1) To analyze the new ruralities, approaches and experiences that challenge the demographic contraction of the European Rural Territories and that can provide innovative solutions for a Sustainable Rural Development; 2) To identify and promote the opportunities offered by associationism and cooperativism for the labour occupation og the groups of vulnerable people in Rural Europe, encouraging social commitment, volunteering and solidarity among European Rural Citizens; 3) To boost the equal opportunities and the creation of new jobs and new opportunities for the rural population (especially for women, young people, people over 55 years old, etc.), appealing to the cooperative principles; 4) To raise awareness among European Citizens in general and youth in particular about the importance of the rural areas and its current challenges in terms of depopulation and aging 5) To promote the European Citizenship and to improve the conditions for the EU Rural Population by encouraging Citizens’ Debate on the Future of the European Rural Territories and Active Participation in the search for Solutions that ensure the Rural Development Sustainability.


Please Note: For further detailed information relating to the planned project activities and, in particular, to the planning and programming of Transnational Events (Dates / Venue / Theme), the potential Partner is invited to contact EuLabTEC.

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