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EPRALIMA_Escola Profissional do Alto Lima, CIPRL

Dane kontaktowe

Dr. António Pimenta Ribeiro str., Apt. 102, 4970-455 Arcos de Valdevez Portugal
tel: +351 258520320 / +351 258520328

Osoba kontaktowa

Sandra Veloso
[email protected]
tel: +351 258 520327

Informacja o organizacji

Epralima is situated in the small picturesque town of Arcos de Valdevez, Portugal, conveniently situated between the cities of Oporto and Vigo (Spain) and close to the coastal towns of the Atlantic Ocean. Epralima is a cooperative organization, composed by institutions deeply solidified within the social, economic, cultural and local levels, namely, the municipalities of Arcos de Valdevez and Ponte da Barca, the Northwestern Agricultural Mutual Credit Bank, the Commercial and Industrial Association of Arcos de Valdevez and Ponte da Barca, Artelima_Alto Lima’s Academy of Arts and the Arcuense Heritage Study Group. The goals of EPRALIMA are as follows: • Prepare youths towards the exercise of a qualified pro-fession; • Develop mechanisms in which Epralima and the local economic, professional and cultural institutions and as-sociations can create better relationships; • Provide trainees with professional experience and con-tact with the labour market, preparing them for an ade-quate socio-economic insertion. Epralima has actively participated in many European projects financed by the EU. We took part in EU projects financed by the following EU Programmes: Leonardo da Vinci, Socrates, Grundtvig and European Commission Employment, Social Af-fairs and Equal Opportunities DG (Equal Programme).

Komponent/działanie, którego partnerstwo dotyczy

Komponent 2. Demokratyczne zaangażowanie i uczestnictwo obywatelskie Działanie 2.3. Projekty społeczeństwa obywatelskiego

Zakres tematyczny projektu


Rola partnera w projekcie

We need partner to collaborate actively in the project, namely in the following activities: • Transnational Immersion Training. • International Seminar "The European Union of Citizens: An Europe for All? • Pilot implementation in schools "Youth for a cause". • International Exchange / Project Awards.

Opis projektu

Strand 2 Democratic engagement and civic participation Measure 2.3 Civil Society Projects The project intends to provide a holistic approach on the promotion of active citizenship in the school environment, promoting the full involvement of students in their local communities, through the development of solidarity activities in favour of the issue of refugees and immigrants. These activities will be carried out on a voluntary basis by the students, who, under the guidance of the teachers, will identify the causes from which they will develop their personal volunteer project. For this purpose, the following working phases will be carried out: research, planning and preparation, action, sharing and reflection. Aims: • To understand the multiculturalism in the contempo-rary world, the concepts of territorial identity, culture, ethnicity, language, religion; techniques, uses and cus-toms, acculturation, globalization, racism, xenophobia and multiculturalism, as well as link the human rights to the construction of inclusive societies, and recognize solidarity as a vector for promoting the values of social diversity. • Recognise the value and real meaning of the European Union's motto 'United in diversity'; • Identify the rights, duties and values as European citi-zens. • To value solidarity in building a more cohesive Europe. • To give importance to mobility, the learning of other languages, cultures and traditions; • To create awareness of the role of major migratory movements and their importance in the process of in-tegration of European citizens and for the affirmation of European identity.


We are open to any suggestion. Availability to cooperate actively in the proposal will be wel-comed.




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