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EACTA, European Association for Culture, Tourism and Art

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Antonija Mlikota, PhD [email protected] +385981771432

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European Association for Culture , Tourism and the Arts was founded in November 2014, with headquarters in Zagreb. EACTA was established with the aim of promoting and preserving cultural and historical heritage of cities and countries of the EU , culture, tourism , art , environment protection as integral parts of the important factors of life of the urban population.

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Komponent 1. Pamięć europejska

Zakres tematyczny projektu

European Remembrance

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Opis projektu

“Show me you have not forgotten me”, Otti Berger writes to Walter Gropius, the founder of Bauhaus, from her Zmajevac home in 1942. At one point in her life, a gifted textile designer from the Bauhaus School becomes unwelcome: a Jew in Germany, a German immigrant in London, inadmissible Yugoslav visa applicant for the U.S. authorities, a number to be eliminated for the fascists occupying their native village. No archive footage, no living contemporaries, no heirs: only a dozen photographs, letters, last of them addressed to and from a small place called Zmajevac in the tri-border area between Croatia, Serbia and Hungary, a house occupied by other people, a visa that never came and samples of the textile she designed. Can we reconstruct a person’s life eighty years after their death in Auschwitz ? o.b. (she marked her designs with those two letters) is a quest for a life long gone. A life of the true European lady of her Time; gifted, professional and successful woman born in an Austrian-Hungary Kingdom, schooled in Croatia, Austria, Sweden and Germany, worked in Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden. Her work was published in many international magazines, she gained patent protection for her design in Germany and England, had her own successful studio in Berlin.

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