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Dagdas Municipality

Dane kontaktowe

Alejas street 4,Dagda,Latvia Dagdas Municipality Latvia

Osoba kontaktowa

Marija Micķeviča Chairwoman of Educational,cultural and sport Department of Dagdas municipality [email protected],tel. +37129681560

Informacja o organizacji

Dagda Municipality is a municipality in Latgale, Latvia.We have 8 thousand inhabitants.Dagdas region resides in an European region with valuable and huge natural ressources, such as their lakes and forests. In our region live people from different nationalities. We organise a lot of international festivals where in activities are involved all groups of people. Visit our website: .We promote cultural diversity and understanding and align to the the big European family. Through different events we actively involve inhabitants in identifying needs and finding solutions. We organize the free time of the children/youth, developing their passion for art and science, consolidating young people abilities in theories and practices through school education.We coordinate school programms how school helps the youngster to create attitudes and aptitudes, work habits, daily training. We provide for people different ways of success. The staff of the organisation are experienced workers that are delivering educational ,youth and sport programmes and activities on the regular basis in Dagda region. The staff of the organisation is working a lot in cooperation with other organisations/clubs and educational establishments. We are experienced in managing projects, organising logistics of big events (also international) and well known in the city and Dagda region. We will share our experience to other participants as well. Persons involved in this project have high motivation and willingness to learn more about common project theme, gain skills and competences in leadership, decision-making and communication. Lack of knowledge about different lifestyles, cultures,politics and religions can cause a kind of prejudice and fear from other countries. European citizens should know and tolerate each other as they are in the same European family. The best way to achieve it is to work together on the subject that concerns everybody in Europe, even the whole world.

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Zakres tematyczny projektu

Wartości europejskie, dialog międzypokoleniowy, społeczne zaangażowanie, partnerstwo miast

Ramy czasowe projektu

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Rola partnera w projekcie

Opis projektu

We are interesting to collaborate in the following themes: • Art and culture • Education and young people, • Citizenship • Social inclusion and welfare • Sport and leisure • Sporting facilities / events • Regional products (food – restauration) • Environment and ecology Searching for partners from from european countries.

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