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Finistère France

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contact: CHEVER Aline [email protected] 00353 1 475 6989

Informacja o organizacji

Finis terrae is the Latin name of Finistère, which places it at the end of the lands. Penn ar bed is its Breton name, which places it at the beginning or the tip of the world ... Located in the far west of the European continent, it is the entrance, the beginning of Europe, France and the Brittany region, at the crossroads of an ocean, the Atlantic, and two seas, the English Channel and the Iroise. Finistère experienced the first fires in Europe ... It is still today a department that mixes traditions and innovations.

Komponent/działanie, którego partnerstwo dotyczy

Komponent 2.2. Sieci miast partnerskich

Zakres tematyczny projektu

Wartości europejskie

Ramy czasowe projektu

01-09-2018 – 31-12-2019

Rola partnera w projekcie

Partner organisation / Type of partner: local authorities with specific action plan, networks of women…

Opis projektu

The global idea of the project is to organize one event per partner country that would be dedicated to a specific topic related to gender equality. The event has to bring a maximum of foreign participants (30%) so it’s needs the partner who organizes to be creative. Every partner decides what kind of event they want to organize (cultural event, sportive event, sensitization actions, seminaries, etc.). The specific topic is decided together with the other partners. Aim of the project: Develop a long-term cooperation around gender equality based on a compared approach and good practices – create a long-term link between public stakeholders, pupils, not-for-profit organizations. Create a network of Councils, cities and towns to hold a series of conferences to promote and inform people on gender equality. Summary description of the project idea:  Type and number of outputs of the project: 1 specific event organized per country about a specific topic related to gender equality Identified topics: - Gender violences and inequalities in sport - pilot : Portugal - Relationship between girls and boys as seen by young people – pilot : Finistère - Labor participation of women - social inclusion (Netherlands) - Women in politics, and leadership of women (Cornwall Council) - Women and culture ? - Work-life balance ? - Etc.

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