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Dane kontaktowe

Localitatea Budesti, 120 Principala street Bistrita-Nasud Country Rumunia
tel: 0263 353 106 / 0263 353 101

Osoba kontaktowa

Sumandea Andreea [email protected] 0786 185 319

Informacja o organizacji

Budesti village hall is an administrative unit , public utility , which has the main objective of community development and citizens in relation to other similar territorial units .Document of the city took place in august 3, 1283 and the initial name of the village is Old Budesti. Budesti village is made up of 1853 people, mostly residents of overseeing the growth or animals and farmers . The main activity of the inhabitants is livestock and farmers . Budesti keeps alive the memory of many ancient traditions and enjoy the many cultural and recreational activities such as camps for children , local performances , afforestation etc.

Komponent/działanie, którego partnerstwo dotyczy

Komponent 2.1. Partnerstwo miast

Zakres tematyczny projektu

Społeczne zaangażowanie

Ramy czasowe projektu

21-08-2017 – 28-08-2017

Rola partnera w projekcie


Opis projektu

“Europe one thought!” The aim of our project is to develop an intercultural dialogue between generations. In this project participants will be represented by seniors ( elderly ) and by young people ( children / adolescents). Our project will run for a period of 7 days, during which we propose that the older and younger generations to understand how thought and perception on life. More specifically we want an exchange of experiences between twinned towns generations among both the younger generation and the elderly , and vice versa. Each generation will present customs of the rose can achieve different things to express culture and traditions which was born. Will initiate a dialog between generations through story and exposing the culture that was born, grew up and lives today. This will explore cultural customs and traditions of many communities in different parts of the world. It will organize competitions between generations participating to create an active environment and competitive at the same time; Winners will be awarded with diplomas and traditional objects. We will also carry out home visits to older people will be a little guide in placing imaginary past. Participants will have the opportunity to visit specific sites and local culture and traditions. Basically our idea of the project, achieving an intercultural dialogue between generations, aims that in the end, each participant genaratie to realize the importance of keeping, preservation and transmission of ancient customs, further young generations; because each of us reach a point to be part of both the current generation and the generation before. To share project ideas together and have common goals. Municipalities that have common goals with those of our town : advocacy , ancestral traditions and customs.

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