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Dane kontaktowe

Mihai Viteazu City Hall str. Principala nr. 1014, 407405 Cluj Rumunia
tel: +40264329101

Osoba kontaktowa

Gabriela Cindea [email protected] +400745370400

Informacja o organizacji

Mihai Viteazu (archaic: Sânmihaiu; Hungarian: Szentmihály; German: Michelsdorf) is a commune in Cluj County, Romania. It is composed of three villages: Cheia (Mészkő), Corneşti (Sinfalva) and Mihai Viteazu. Mihai Viteazu commune, which is named after the medieval ruler Michael the Brave (Romanian: Mihai Viteazu), was founded by the merging of four villages, Sânmihaiu de Jos (Alsószentmihály), Sânmihaiu de Sus (Felsőszentmihály), Corneşti and Cheia. All four villages were first time mentioned in documents in the 14th century, after the settlement of Székelys in the Aranyos Seatarea. However, archaeologists unearthed traces of human dwellings from earlier periods, too. The commune has more than 47 square kilometers and 5,749 inhabitants. The most interesting sight of the area is the Turzii Gorges (Cheile Turzii). The commune was selected for the maximum grant in 2016 for a Town Twinning project (with 6 partners from France, Hungary and Belgium).

Komponent/działanie, którego partnerstwo dotyczy

Komponent 2.1. Partnerstwo miast

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Opis projektu

Context: Project is focused on the fields of cultural-historical and rural tourism, enterpreneurship and agriculture. Project is opened for young people primarily, but for the older too. Priorities for Strand 2 (2016-2020) to be taken into account for the project: 1. Combat stigmatisationa of Immigrants and encourage dialogue and mutual understanding 2. Understading and discuss euroscepticism 3. Debate the future of europe 4. Solidarity in times of crisis Main aim of the Project is to create new intercultural bonds and develop sustainable socio-economic cooperation between our commune and the others who are interested in above mentioned themes. We are planning to visit cultural-historical monuments and places and to take few tours on the other, popular tourist places. We would like to cooperate with smaller and medium-sized towns or municipalities, from Italy, Bulgary, France and the other states, from the EU. We are looking for partners which are strategic defined to increase the level of inteculturalism and tolerance between people and entrepreneurial awareness too, and to improve socio-economic cooperation wich will be verified by the Agreement on cooperation between towns and municipalities.

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