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Chamber of Commerce and Industry Vratsa

Dane kontaktowe:

24 Hristo Botev street
Vratsa 3000, Bułgaria
Tel: 00359 92 660271 / 00359 92 626308

Osoba kontaktowa

Ventsislava Strahilova
[email protected]
00359 92 660271


Informacje o organizacji:

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Vratsa has been established in the autumn of year 1991 by a general constituting assembly; it was registered with Vratsa District Court of Justice on 17.11.1991. In 2001 it was re-registered under the new Law on non-profit legal persons in public interest. It has started its effective operation in the end of year 1991. The Chamber is managed by a Board of Directors consisting of 15 members. Since September 1999, CCI-Vratsa has become the Host structure of the Euro Info Centre BG808. Since 2008 it is a host structure of Enterprise Europe Network Centre. CCI-Vratsa is also a host structure of the Europe Direct Centre. Since July 2002 it has become the Host structure of Vratsa branch of the National Centre for Vocational Training. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Vratsa is based on the principles of voluntary participation and membership, autonomy and self-financing. CCI-Vratsa works in close cooperation with national, regional and local authorities and other non-government organizations, SMEs, Academic and Research bodies, as well as with other business support structures and CCIs from abroad. The structure of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Vratsa, with its regional offices and branch established in 3 towns in the North-Western Bulgaria comprises more than 3000 companies – both private and state owned. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Vratsa is a non-governmental organization which maintains, promotes and represents the interest of its members while contributing to the development of the international economic cooperation. The Chamber strives to establish ethical relations in business. All goals and tasks of CCI-Vratsa are directed towards establishment of the most favourable economic environment for Bulgarian business and facilitation of its activity. CCI-Vratsa is an active member of Enterprise Europe Network – Bulgaria, Sector Group “Intelligent Energy” within Enterprise Europe Network; member of the European Network Europe Direct, of Bulgarian Association of Management Consulting Organizations (BAMCO), Network of the Bulgarian Chambers of Commerce, Danube Chambers of Commerce Association, Association of European Chambers of Commerce and Industry – EUROCHAMBRES, Regional Coordinator of National Rural Network Bulgaria, Belgium Bulgaria Luxembourg Business Club, Environmental Technology Network in the Danube Region, etc. CCI-Vratsa is part of the Bulgarian Technology Transfer Network. GIS-Transfer Centre "Innovative Management - Vratsa" was founded in 2013, aiming to support the internationalization capacity of the SMEs, transfer of technology, intellectual property and rights, innovation management, innovation development, intelligent energy services, consulting, advices and support to SMEs. CCI-Vratsa is founder of Regional Academic Centre Vratsa, part of the Network established by the Bulgarian Academy of science, starting its activities in March 2014. This is a voluntary association for active cooperation in research, innovation and development activities, participation in joint research and applied research projects related to the development of the region of Vratsa and the North-western Bulgaria.CCI-Vratsa has more than 25 years of experience in more than 70 EU and other donors funded projects implementation.

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