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Cerdedo-Cotobade city council

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Inside the province of Pontevedra, 22 km from the capital, the Municipality of Cerdedo-Cotobade is located. With an extension of 215.10 km2, distributed throughout 21 parishes, it is the place to discover the cultural and historical heritage of an old land of builders. An architectural and artistic legacy worthy of admiration in any corner, where the Romanesque is the protagonist. Cerdedo-Cotobade is a municipality in the province of Pontevedra, located in the west of it. It borders on the municipalities of Pontevedra, Campo Lameiro, A Estrada, Forcarei, A Lama and Ponte Caldelas. This municipality was created by the merger of the municipalities of Cerdedo and Cotobade, in October 2016. The capital of the City Council is located in the place of A Chan, in the parish of Carballedo, without its place name corresponding to that of any entity of population. REGION The City Council of Cerdedo - Cotobade is part of the Pontevedra and Tabeirós-Terra de Montes Counties.

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Komponent 2.1. Network of towns

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Field(s): Circular economy, sustainable production and consumption Description: To contribute to improving the understanding of the Union, its history and its diversity on the part of the citizens ", specifically in the field of the production and consumption of sustainable, local, proximity foods ... Contribute to greater local economic growth through our daily products and neighboring producers by implementing transnational initiatives that would allow people develop their production and consumption skills in order to put their business ideas into practice and providing meaningful solutions to real-life problems people are facing. The project implementation will be based on synergetic link between research, life-long learning, innovations, and design thinking as project milestones.

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