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Centre for Rural Development “La Serena”. Extremadura

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Avda. de América, 6 06420 Castuera (Badajoz – España) Hiszpania

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Manuel Soto [email protected]

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Rural Development Group created in 1992 for the management of the LEADER Community Initiative with extensive experience in cooperation

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Komponent 1. Pamięć europejska

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Mining, memory and war events in Europe in the 20th century Project objectives are to promote the following themes: - Identification of territories within the European Union with tungsten mining exploited in European war conflicts during the 20th century. - Exchange of experiences, documentation and oral testimonies between these territories and citizens with the aim of documenting a common European history linked to this historical process. - Analysis of the socio-economic situation of these rural territories that lived a period of splendor around mining period and its current situation, looking for new options for the future. - Preparation of a European map through the study of the territories where the tungsten passed after its extraction until reaching the factories: route, transport, foundries, etc. - Reflection on the limitation of natural resources such as lead, tungsten, lithium and the importance of generating new models of green and circular economy. Keywords. Historical memory, wolfram, oral memory, intangible heritage, mining, rural development, circular economy.

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Rural Development Group, ONG, Universities

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