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Carlow County Council

Dane kontaktowe

Athy Road Carlow County Council, R93E7R7 Carlow Irlandia
tel: +353599129783

Osoba kontaktowa

Jim Woods
[email protected]
tel: +353599129783

Informacja o organizacji

Carlow County Council (CCC) is the Local Govern-ment Body of County Carlow, Ireland. Carlow covers an area of 895 km² with a population base of 58,000. CCC's mision is “To provide a quality local government service for the people of County Car-low, through the protection and enhancement of the environment and improvement in the quality of life.” CCC has vast experience of project delivery at all levels and has previous experience in the delivery of EU funded projects.

Komponent/działanie, którego partnerstwo dotyczy

Komponent 2. Demokratyczne zaangażowanie i uczestnictwo obywatelskie Działanie 2.2. Sieci miast

Zakres tematyczny projektu

Strand 2 - Promoting solidarity in times of crisis (Network of Towns)

Rola partnera w projekcie

The project will require all partners to travel, host and attend workshops and activities, provide appropriate personnel to deliver the project, document and manage project data for valorisation, have the financial and organisational resources to participate in the project and be open to creating long term relationships.

Opis projektu

Carlow sits within Ireland’s Ancient East. Its history stretches back thousands of years, ritual and religi-on have shaped the landscape. There are at least twenty two early saints associa-ted with Carlow and its area. Some were born and spent their lives here; others came to be educated or to found monasteries It is a county rich in its archaeology and diversity of archaeological sites. 'Carlow - Trail of the Saints' is made up of three separate routes which between them cover the entire county of Carlow and feature some 51 ecclesiastical attractions. Many of these are deemed to be of international significance. Carlow’s ecclesiastical sites span at least fifteen centuries faithfully reflecting the county’s religious and cultural history over that time and interaction with other countries. With three partners we aim to; Use the subject of religious history as an area of common interest to participate in a range of activi-ties involving diverse sections of community to promote discussion as to what soldarity means to different sections of society in today’s EU. Utilise the existing topic of common interest to mobilise and bring together citizens to express their solidarity through their shared values while simultaneously discussing the solidarity of EU citizens in the times we live in. Through travel, workshops and activities revolving around a central common theme promote mutual understanding, intercultural education and social engagement with a view to building long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships. Unite citizens in discussing solidarity within the EU through the mobilisation of citizens in travelling to partner countries estabilishing long lasting relati-onships.


We would welcome expressions of interest as soon as possible.




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