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Číž 5 Číž Słowacja
tel: +421 904 463 299

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Petr Kučera [email protected] +421 904 463 299

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1. Assistance and support for the chronically and physically disabled citizens of Slovakia and the visitors of the Slovak republic in the system and practical form 2. The solution and removal of barriers and quality of mobility and access to basic human needs for these groups of disabled people and creating an environment without barriers 3. Expansion of the Eurokey system in the Slovak republic and the introduction of this system as a basis for the removal of access barriers 4. Comprehensive system solutions elimination of barriers for the participation of the state, public governments, NGO´s and other institutions that can improve the environment quality of life for each person with disability in EU citizen 5. Unification and harmonisation of rules and guidelines in the area of elimination of barriers in a practical concept for the target groups of the population of the EU member countries 6. The creation of a “European civil committee for the removal of barriers” on the basis of positive examples of cooperation of individual countries 7. Implementation of projects funded by the Patronage of the Presidency of the Slovak republic in the Council of the EU: a. Eurokey – Unlock Europe for the patients b. European city of solidarity c. The international corridor of Health

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The main aim of the project will be creation of the “European civic committee for the systematic and comprehensive removal of barriers” following the framework of the above mentioned projects funded by the Slovak Presidency of the Council of the EU (see table Organisation, paragraph Short description and point 7) . The European citizens committee for the systematic and comprehensive removal of barriers will be the basis for 1/ systematic solutions/fixing minor bugs linked with implementation of the unified cross-border health care system for people with disabilities in local/national environment and 2/ elimination of barriers in individual EU member states. The basis for creation of such a committee has been formed in already existing projects (funded by the Slovak Presidency framework) and the committee main aim should be to create a right environment for successful international cooperation among its members. In the first phase we would like to focus on gathering best practices all over the Europe and based on them put forward a unified strategy for consideration by EU institutions. We´re looking for subjects with experience/good examples in one of these three areas: introducing Eurokey to public, elimination of barriers in society or implementation the unified cross-border health care system for people with disabilities in national/local environment. They might be: • Patient organizations coming from above listed countries, • governmental institutions of above listed countries, • local authorities of above listed countries.

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