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Serbian-Russian-Belarussian friendship Association “Slovo”

Dane kontaktowe:

29. Novembar 124
Aleksandrovac, Serbia
Tel: 381638552012

Osoba kontaktowa

Katarina Petkovic
[email protected]


Informacje o organizacji:

Activities that promote European citizenship and directly involve citizens in lokal government decisions. Activities that create an opportunity to strengthen mutual trust and social engagement and volunteerism, devolped by city networks. The EU and Russia are the biggest partners in the European and political sense, connecting through activities that lead to the popularization of Serbian culture in the world. Experience in working with marginalized groups and pointing out the problems they face. Mutual understanding between the EU and citizens through projects that bring our culture closer and provide an opportunity for longer-term cooperation.

Komponent/działanie, którego partnerstwo dotyczy:

Komponent 2.1. Partnerstwo miast

Rola partnera:

Promoting and contributing to the realization of the project in their environments

Opis projektu:

Title: “Kulturno nasleđe” Context: The project gather citizens from different backgrounds, in activities directly linked to Union policies, with a view to giving them an opportunity to concretely participate in the shaping of the Union's political agenda. To that end, those projects will invite citizens to act together or debate the multi-annual priorities themes of the programme at local and European level. Projects involve a large number of citizens, and aim at setting the basis for, or encouraging the development of, long-lasting networking between organisations active in the field. Increasing citizen participation in local and European initiatives that promote social inclusion, volunteering, intercultural dialogue and cooperation at EU level. The main activity is a four-day intercultural festival (traditional handicraft workshops, exhibition, opening of events), promotion of best practice of solidarity. The main topic of the presentations and discussions will be how EU values (active citizenship, solidarity, intercultural dialogue) encourage actions that deal with local problems.


Serbia has a strong aspiration for EU membership. The promotion of European values plays a big role, especially in smaller communities.

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