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Suite 124, 1st Floor The Capel Building St. Mary’s Abbey Dublin Irlandia
tel: 01 8733836

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Frank Phelan [email protected] 087 616 9320

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Active Retirement Ireland (ARI) is the largest older people's organisation in Ireland, with a network of 575 locally based groups and an overall member-ship of over 24,500 older people. ARI believes all older people are equal and entitled to be treated with respect. Active Retirement Ireland reaches out to older people to stop loneliness and isolation through friendship and support. All older people are welcome to join ARI, to par-take of activities and have their voices heard re-gardless of age, gender or culture. The local asso-ciations aim to help older people lead a full, happy and healthy life by offering organised opportuni-ties for a wide range of activities that enable older people to become active agents in their local communities.

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Demographic change is resulting in larger numbers of older people living longer. This also means that greater numbers of people will be affected by age discrimina-tion and ageism and older people’s rights are mostly invisible under international law. Active Retirement Ireland believes that one way to challenge this is to strengthen older people’s human rights in particular to having a say in policies that impact on their daily lives. Population aging is portrayed as a negative and burden on society and the economy thus policies made and implemented by local and national government tend to be based on this ageist view resulting in older people being denied the same access to opportunities as younger people. The lack of policies and plans required to address ageism condemns hundreds of thousands of older people across Ireland to a life of inequality instead of recognising the active economic and social contribution they make. This project will focus on one area of policy and decision-making where ARI knows older people can make a difference - Age friendly older people’s councils and the Public Participation Network structure at county level. ARI intends to examine the extent to which older people are participating in the PPNs, the older people’s councils and the links between these two bodies. ARI will also document as case studies the real experience of older people involved in these structures. The aims of the project are: 1. To examine the PPNs at county level for evidence of policies relating to older people 2. To highlight the levels of participation in these struc-tures by older people 3. To explore the links between the older peoples councils and the PPNs 4. Identify effective mechanisms for ensuring effective participation of diverse range of older people 5. Make recommendations for ARI and the named structures for improving effective participation of older people. Active Retirement Ireland propose to be the LEAD applicant in this project but seek partners from around the EU.

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